How the Beano taught my children to read

By: TableFables

Give your child the best reading tools in the world & make them laugh: The best ever Beano Subscription

Iconic, outrageous and most of all hilarious. The Beano has been entertaining children for over 80 years and is still going strong - no small feat in the age of screens. But more than giving kids a laugh, it is actually one of the best educational tools on the market despite being routinely ignored by educators and schools. Teaching children to read is no laughing matter but that doesn't mean the strategies to combat it can't absolutely be.

That's why Table Fables are ecstatic to be colab-ing with The Beano, who like us, are all about learning disguised as fun. And both are brilliant tools to tackle reluctant learners or dyslexia in children.

Let me explain...If you want your child to read the complete works of Shakespeare, first they need to have a love of reading. Now, how do you persuade your reluctant or struggling reader that books will expand their vocabulary and their view of the world? Simple! Motivate them through the power of images & humour.

Table Fables have based their whole educational system on this power - not just to help combat dyslexia in children, but to help all children's arithmetic. It's well established that images can aid learning and comprehension, helping to build lasting memory structures. But rarely is this combined with the engagement of humour. That's why we love The Beano so much.

As a parent myself I used to think using images to decode words was 'cheating' and I would often cover up the picture for my kids!! Until a horrified teacher told me that's completely the wrong thing to do. Pictures are imperative for decoding new knowledge. Any encouragement and help is essential to make the learning process enjoyable so children want to continue to practice - and doubly so where there is dyslexia in children.

This is when I discovered the genius of a weekly subscription to The Beano. All three of my children have literally waited at the letterbox every week for The Beano to arrive. When it did drop through the door it was like Christmas being delivered weekly. And 10 years later, it still is!

Every week The Beano is read, re-read, shared, talked about and then stored for later re-reading. There is complete uproar if I ever suggest getting rid of old Beano comics, whereas I can freely give old books to the charity shop or friends without so much as a grunt.

Then after some serious Beano reading time, something magical happened. Each child woke up being able to read Harry Potter with ease and enjoyment.

All three of my children are dyslexic and reading for each of them with traditional methods was painful and caused lots of tears and arguments. But I finally realised if I relaxed and let them read The Beano and then Tin Tin, then Dairy of a Wimpy kid, all wrapped up with more Beano, they would become the avid bookworms they are today.

Whether your child is a reluctant reader or not, whether they're a boy or a girl (or somewhere inbetween) it doesn't matter. Images and humour are a great combo for conveying meaning and comprehension (especially, but not exclusively, when it comes to dyslexia in children).

I reached-out to work with The Beano after 10 years of seeing the beneficial effects on my own children, their friends and hundreds of other children. And now I'm incredibly passionate about spreading the word and encouraging children to enjoy reading (as well as maths obviously). The Beano encompasses everything Table Fables firmly believe is missing in today's education - the power of humour and visualisation to make learning fun and engaging. Bet you didn't know the Beano has a brilliant education section which helps children with reading comprehension, resilience as well as FINANCE. Is there anything The Beano can't do? Well maths, but we have that covered.

Take it from me The Beano can change your child's life as well as yours.


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