Free Printable Division Worksheets

By: TableFables

Division Worksheets

“I'm rubbish at Dividing!”

Children often think Dividing is impossible, yet it's essential to the mathematical process. If your child can't Divide this leads them to believe they're rubbish at maths. This won't be the case, some children simply find remembering their Times Tables hard so waste lots of brain space trying to work out the Division answer.

Table Fables makes learning the Times Tables and Dividing effortless because we use a completely NEW technique. Other maths sites repeat the same boring sums over and over until years later the information might have gone in or the child is catatonic with boredom! Table Fables technique is incredibly fast because it uses comedy animation, games, competitions and prizes to motivate children to learn in a matter of weeks.

Table Fables removes all stress and maths anxiety associated with Dividing and will have your child rolling on the floor laughing. Literally, blink and your child will be shouting “I LOVE DIVIDING'. Ok, you can't actually blink and know your Times Tables but it will only be a matter of days or weeks and suddenly they will find maths as easy as pie.

Try Table Fables 7-day free trial and see the joy it can bring your child.

As mothers and teachers, the most important thing we have learned, along this journey is the sooner you sort out your child's Times Tables / Dividing anxiety the fewer tantrums, tears and distress your child will suffer.

Print off the below Table Fables Division Worksheets and have FUN with MATHS.

Try our other Dividing Games and ideas below.

🚨ALERT! ALERT! - science has proven the more fun children have with learning the faster the knowledge is absorbed. When we laugh, we relax. As anxiety decreases, our capacity to retain information expands.


Practise makes perfect when mastering the Division table. Grab a quick 5 minutes in the day to help your child to run through their division table, whether that's sitting in traffic lights en-route to school, or small quiz before bed. Only do a couple each time so quick and fun. Make sure your child has practiced on Table Fables first otherwise Dividing could be incredibly daunting.


All kids love sweets so let's use them to help understand dividing!

(Tip: increase or decrease the time depending on the child)

  1. Give them 18 skittles - they have 30 seconds to divide the skittles into 3 groups
  2. Give them 24 skittles - they have 30 seconds to divide the skittles into 4 groups.
  3. Give them 36 skittles - they have 30 seconds to divide the skittles into 9 groups.

Hopefully, you get the idea. You can substitute skittles for healthy options eg raisins, nuts, carrots or homemade cookies.

Remainders - give them a number of sweets that can't be divided equally to demonstrate that sometimes there are remainders.


Lego is also a brilliant way to demonstrate division. It works the same as the game above. Give them a certain amount of Lego bricks and ask them to divide equally into different piles. Time them for extra challenging game.

Remainders: Give a number of Lego bricks that can't be divided equally eg give them 37 Lego bricks which they have to split into 4 piles. Which means there is 1 left over Lego brick.


Money is a great way to get children practicing Division - Hide money (2ps, 5ps,10ps, 50ps OR Nickels, dimes and quarters) in a room. Your child then finds the money and has to divide it equally between family members or if they prefer to divide it equally between toys lined up in a row! If they correctly divide the money they get to keep it!

Sweets or match sticks - you can do the same game with sweets or match sticks. Hide them in a room and then your child has to divide them between siblings or toys!

Remember the more fun you have the less anxious children will feel about Dividing. Make sure children know their Multiplication Tables otherwise Dividing is nearly impossible. We suggest Table Fables, that uses animation, games and rewards, to make sure your child loves learning.

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