Maths Times Tables

By: TableFables

“I love maths mum, I want to practice my Times Tables every day”!

There might be a few kids who say this but none of my children ever did! But miraculously they do now! Why? Because I invented a Times Table method that is hilariously funny and works.

The majority of children find learning their Times Tables difficult and frustrating but there is a solution, Table Fables uses animation and humour to teach children maths.

Why Teach Maths Times Tables at all?

Surely my child will learn their Maths Times Tables at School?

The majority of schools will test your children on Times Table recall once a week or once a month. However, very few schools TEACH maths Times Table recall. A few schools may use the chanting method that was popular decades ago and a few schools will teach using songs but children have to learn 144 song lyrics, which even Beyonce might struggle with!

Ask your child how they learn their Times Tables in maths lessons and how confident they feel about them? Heads up, girls may fess up that they struggle with the maths Times Tables and boys will generally say everything's fine, "I'm brilliant at maths" even though that's not the case!! Obviously this is a massive generalisation but thought we'd pass on some observations we've witnessed.

How Do I Teach Maths Times Tables?

Human brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text or numbers, meaning it's incredibly easy to learn with images rather than singing or rote learning, which is exactly what Table Fables does. Every other website makes children learn by repeatedly failing which can be very damaging for a child's mathematical confidence.

The brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text

Table Fables is based on the renowned scientifically proven peg system of memory which has incredible retention levels. Each number is represented by a character, these characters interact in a comedic story to reveal the maths Times Table answer. Children find it incredibly easy to remember their Times Table and enjoy the process of learning.

Table Fables also has amazing games and competitions every month and cash incentives to keep children practicing.

Give your child a gift for life and make sure they can recall their maths Times Tables with ease as it reduces maths anxiety, plus frees up brain space to concentrate on higher level maths problems.

Lastly and most importantly it's an incredibly useful skill as an adult!

Try Table Fables 7-day free trial and see for yourselves.

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