All children need to learn Multiplication facts. What is the best way?

By: TableFables

All children need to learn multiplication facts. But what's the best way to learn them?

Multiplication tables can be difficult and many parents struggle to find the right method that is quick and easy for them and their children. Times tables form the foundations for all the maths calculations and problem solving children do in the following years, so it is vital they are confident with all the multiplication facts as early as possible.

With Table Fables your child can learn all the multiplication facts they need to known in only 17 days and have fun during the process.

Table Fables is revolutionising how children learn and recall times tables and dividing by tapping into children's love of stories to unlock visual learning. Numbers spring to life as humorous characters on funny adventures, action packed with hilarious mishaps. Stories and visuals are the best memory hook for children to retain multiplication facts.

Ever hear your kid repeating something they watched on TV? Or remembering a funny trick or stunt that they saw someone do? It's always easy to remember something visual that caught your attention. This is why visual learning is an excellent way to ensure your child can do multiplication and division. Our brains can process visuals 60,000 times quicker than text, and about 90% of the information we transmit to our brain is visual. Humans are visual by nature, and so visualisation as a learning technique is not only highly effective, it's easy for all children to connect with, relate to and enjoy.

Help your child enjoy multiplication facts as much as their favourite computer games and TV shows by introducing them to Table Fables. Numerous research has shown that if children laugh and enjoy learning, they are able to retain information better and for longer.

If your child becomes interested in learning maths and practising times tables and division and they begin to associate multiplication with fun and games, they will pay closer attention and their results will improve instantly. At Table Fables, we make learning even the tricky 6, 7 and 8 multiplication tables fun and simple!

With maths, visual learning enables children to see the numbers differently in a way their brain can process easily. It can be tricky to grasp multiplication facts when a number looks like a number, but when the numbers are transformed into characters in a picture format that children can relate to easily, they are able to understand right away, and any stress or anxiety relating to the 'numbers' magically disappears!

Confidence in multiplication facts is integral to all future mathematics success for your child, so help them to nail their times tables with ease and enjoyment by using Table Fables.

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