Easily learn the basics of maths with this Multiplication Table you can print at home.

By: TableFables

A Multiplication Table is a great way to introduce children to the connections and repetitions of numbers within the Times Tables but some can find a Multiplication Table rather daunting. Overcome childrens fear of maths with Table Fables However, if you learn using the Table Fables method you can recall any Times Table in or out of sequence. Many children find this clever visual method much easier and less stressful to remember than merely looking at a Multiplication Table. And they can retain the information for longer!

This Multiplication Table can be printed off and stuck up on the wall. You will notice that there are characters instead of numbers down the side - the characters are there to help children remember their Times Tables faster and more effectively, plus have bundles of fun in the process!

Explore our website Table Fables to find out more information about each character's personality and story. Two characters interact with each other with either hilarious or disastrous results to reveal the answer to a Multiplication sum. It takes learning the Multiplication Table to a whole new level!


Life is much easier for your child when they can simply recall the Multiplication Table rather than trying to work out the answers. Learning the Multiplication Table also helps children develop that area of the brain that controls mathematical functions. This means they become more confident in Maths, which in turn can inspire them to explore other Mathematics-based subjects, such as Physics and Chemistry.

As with walking, children don't want to think about what their feet are doing, they want to enjoy the adventure. So if children know all the information on the Multiplication Table automatically, then it makes diving into other subjects all the more enjoyable and rewarding.

However, learning from a standard, no-frills Multiplication Table can be hard and frustrating for some children. Instead try Table Fables which uses visual learning, which aids the brain to process information 60,000 times faster than text or numbers. Table Fables takes visual learning to a whole new level. Maths Visual learning aid for children - Table Fables

Times Table Chart

The Table Fables method is based on the scientific peg system of memory, which helps users retrieve information easily. Every Times Table sum, is represented in an original animated film using hapless and funny characters as the numbers. Children find the characters easy to remember and love the funny stories and scrapes the characters get into when they 'meet' each other. Laughing while learning helps them retrieve the information months after seeing each 'fable'. Table Fables makes learning maths fun for children

Multiplication Table Tips:

  1. Just learn half!

    Remember that you only need to learn half of the Multiplication Table. For instance, 3x5 is the same as 5x3. If you explain that this actually cuts the job in half, the task might seem less overwhelming to your child.
  2. Learn in a order that suits you

    You can learn the Multiplication Table in or out of sequence so don't worry about learning them in order. Some people like to learn the 2x, 5x, 10x and 11x first. With the Table Fables technique you can learn in any order and it still works.
  3. Skills that truly last for life

    Although it is one of the hardest to master, the 12x Table is one of the most important, as this will massively help your child in adult life. A salary gets paid monthly, as does the dreaded mortgage or rent! If they can do quick mental arithmetic in all areas of life, it will give them a huge advantage, plus bags of confidence.
  4. Commit to memory

    In other areas of Maths, sums need to be worked out logically and methodically, but with the Times Tables we believe it is much easier and better to literally just memorise them.
  5. Encouragement leads to success

    Encourage your child to incrementally increase the speed in which they recall their Times Tables. It will benefit them enormously if the answers to a Multiplication or Division sum literally roll off the tongue.

Good Luck with learning the Multiplication Table and please contact us if you need any help at info@tablefables.net

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