Multiplication Worksheets

By: TableFables

Multiplication Worksheets are a great way to practise times tables but for some children, normal multiplication worksheets are boring, hard to absorb and a little bit pointless! This is why Table Fables invented fun characters who interact with each other in comedic ways to reveal multiplication answers as a fun and immersive alternative to boring multiplication worksheets.

Just a couple of sessions on Table Fables will sky rocket your children's willingness to do homework and equip them with a love and affinity to maths that lasts a lifetime. No longer will your child struggle filling out answers on their multiplication worksheets or feel anxious about solving multiplication and division problems.

Try the 7 day free trial of Table Fables today and see for yourself how much it supercharges your child's confidence and self esteem.

Multiplication Worksheet ideas and games:

  1. Try the Table Fables 7 days free trial
    Contact us if you are a teacher and we will give you a free years subscription.
  2. Animation

    Let children watch the Table Fables animation before giving them Table Fables multiplication worksheets to complete.

  3. Competition

    Kids love a game so timing them can work wonders. See how many multiplication worksheets they can complete by the time their favourite song has finished. Or see if they can beat their previous time of completing a multiplication worksheet.

  4. Incentivise learning with rewards

    For example, upon completing 3 multiplication worksheets, your child is rewarded with a sweet, juice or sticker.

  5. Incentivise with screen time

    For example, if your child completes 3 multiplication worksheets, they are allowed 30 minutes of free time on the computer or iPad.

  6. Beat the parents

    Children are allowed a 3-minute head start before parents begin completing their multiplication worksheets to see who can win first.

  7. Bingo

    Print off the Bingo multiplication worksheets on Table Fables for a hilarious game of Bingo that gets children practising their Times Tables in a new immersive away. Can be played with a whole class or all the family.

  8. Dividing

    Always teach children dividing at the same time as multiplication. Teachers and all educational professionals and specialists agree that learning division at the same time as multiplication is essential for children. Table Fables makes it as easy as 1,2,3 - we guarantee it!

Try Table Fables 7-day free trial and watch your child laugh and learn

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