The Tables Fables & nimbl summer competition

By: TableFables

Just announced: Table Fables Super Duper Summer Competition

Table Fables are offering kids the chance to win ONE HUNDRED POUNDS this summer by completing our 17 day challenge.

We've partnered with nimbl so that Table Fablers can have their very own smart bank account to begin their maths and money journey with a bang!

As a parent, it pays off (excuse the pun) to equip your child with financial knowledge from a young age and get them interested in maths and money as early as possible. A report carried out at the University of Cambridge, commissioned by the United Kingdom's Money Advice Service, revealed that kids' money habits are formed by age 7.

Start £100 competition

Kids get a thrill from having their own money, plus it provides a failsafe way to get them interested in addition, subtraction and multiplication. It is vital that your child feels confident and capable dealing with numbers and money as a child, in order to carry it with them into adulthood. Did you know that the maths skills of a child aged 10 are a determinant of how much that child will go on to earn in the future?

Of course, it's totally up to you whether you keep your £100 prize money in your nimbl account and watch the money grow, or you can withdraw it and close the account at any time. Customers outside the UK will be sent their money directly and do not need to open nimbl account.

All you have to do is buy a subscription to Table Fables and make sure your little Table Fabler practises for 17 CONSECUTIVE DAYS this summer. Open a nimbl account in your child's name and we'll ping over their £100 reward into your slick new bank account.
It's that simple!

More information about nimbl

nimbl is a smartphone banking app with a prepaid debit Mastercard for ages 8-18, with the mission to teach kids good money habits in order for them to grow into confident, responsible adults equipped with the knowledge and tools to help them understand and manage their financials.

With a nimbl account, your child can have digital pocket money, receive instant money transfers whether as a birthday gift from a family member or rewards for completing their household chores. They can learn about saving and investing in a digestible way, and take advantage of the nimbl micro-savings feature, where children can automatically save between 5p and £5 every time their nimbl card is used.

Start £100 competition

Terms and Conditions

Competition launches August 1st 2019. Only one £100 cash prize per household. Children must complete the 17 day challenge on Table Fables. They do not have to score 100%, however they must finish all the questions in the specified order to claim their reward. To receive the cash reward, all participants must have a nimbl account in their name, as this is where their £100 from Table Fables will be deposited. It's totally up to you whether you keep the money in there and watch it grow, or close the nimbl account after withdrawing or transferring the £100 reward. Regular price of nimbl is £2.49 per month. In taking part in the Table Fables Summer Competition, you get your nimbl account free for the first month and then £1.99 every month thereafter.

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