Printable Multiplication Table

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Printable Multiplication Table

Times Table Chart

A printable Multiplication Table worksheet is a fantastic way to introduce children to their Times Tables as it showcases the connections between all the numbers.

For kids who find learning the Times Tables a daunting challenge, we recommend visual learning, as taught through sites like Table Fables. If your child struggles with number concepts or feels anxiety around Mathematics, give the Table Fables technique a try. Table Fables uses images and animation rather than only stark numbers to make learning accessible – and fun! Even students who find Maths easy like the Table Fables way as it injects humour into an otherwise fairly dull learning experience, and it keeps children motivated and switched on with great incentives and reward systems.

Print this Multiplication Table worksheet and show your child or class how to have fun with numbers. Use it together with the handy tips and games below.

Printable Multiplication Table worksheet tips:

Printable Multiplication Table tip 1: Matching Pairs

Game: Where do the same numbers crop up on the Multiplication Table? How many matching pairs can be found and coloured in within 2 minutes?
Example: 9 x 8 = 72 and 12 x 6 = 72
8 x 6 = 48 and 12 x 4 = 48
8 x 3 = 24 and 12 x 2 = 24

Printable Multiplication Table tip 2: Half the work!

Your child only has to learn half of the numbers because 8x4 produces the same answer as 4x8. This can make the task seem less daunting.

Activity: Get them to cut the worksheet in two to physically demonstrate that they only need to remember half.

Printable Multiplication Table tip 3: Square Numbers

Point out that all the numbers down the middle are squared numbers. A squared number is the answer to 6x6 or 8x8. For example, 7x7 = 49 and 8x8 = 64

Story: We love making up stories to remember information so it might help to tell your child or class this story…

‘A squared number is a very SQUARE and boring number. It doesn't like mixing with any old number - only the same two numbers, e.g. 81 will only hang out with 9. 9x9 = 81. It wouldn't dream of mixing with a different number that is too exciting and scary for it because it is so SQUARE and a bit shy!'

Printable Multiplication Table tip 4: Motivation

For children who are motivated by money, they can earn real cash ££££ rewards at Table Fables if they complete the 17-day challenge. This keeps children practising and helps those who usually struggle to keep focused. Learning with Tables Fables is fast, fun and almost effortless!

Printable Multiplication Table tip 5: Card Game

Once children are comfortable with the Times Tables, this is a brilliant game to play with friends, family or the whole class.

Equipment: Pack of playing cards
Rules: 2 players. You must decide together which Times Table you will pick, e.g. 6
One player flips over the top card.
Whatever is on the card you must multiply it by 6.
Example: 6x4 of Clubs = 24
6 x King of Diamonds (face cards always have a value of 12) = 72
6x9 of Hearts = 54
Winner: The first person to answer correctly wins the cards. The person with the most cards at the end wins the game.
Hints: One player will generally be better than the other. To make the game even, the better/older player counts to 5 or 10 seconds before answering.

Classroom version:

  1. Split class into two lines. Place a pack of cards (or half a pack for a faster game) in front of each line. Choose the multiplication table you are going to practise, e.g. 7x
  2. When you say GO the first child in line turns over a card and has to multiply the card by 7.

6 of Spades x 7 = 42
8 of Diamonds x 7 = 56
Queen (all face cards = 12) x 7 = 84

Rules: Once the first person has answered the Times Table they move to the back of the line and the next person turns over a card.
Winner: The line that finishes their pack of cards first is the winning group. The teacher/parent checks that each answer is correct and can help those who find it hard. (If everyone has practised with Table Fables it's easy peasy!)

Multiplication Table Worksheet tips 6: HAVE FUN!

One thing we have learnt after years of working with children is that if they have fun their anxiety around Maths decreases and suddenly information is easier for them to take in.

Good Luck and please email us for more games and ideas at

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