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By: TableFables

Knowing your Times Tables off by heart breeds confidence in your child that only increases over time, especially when exams start to dominate school life. When you can instantly calculate something before moving on to solving bigger problems hugely cuts down on mental brain space and increase your scores in exams.

“So many pupils across the country simply haven't learned their Times Tables properly. Many schools choose not to focus on these specific calculations at the appropriate age – and I think that's a mistake.” - Chris Wilkins is executive headteacher at The St Ninian Catholic Federation in Carlisle

All teachers will agree that learning the Times Tables off by heart is incredibly beneficial and sets children up for life. How do you get children to learn them their Times Tables? This is the age-old problem! Table Fables teaches children using funny animation that enthralls children and has them learning incredibly fast. Table Fables also has a brilliant reward system to keep children practicing.

Tips for learning your Times Tables and Dividing.

  1. Daily

    Daily practice is better than doing occasionally. Eg. Really nail the Times Tables in a concentrated time frame will mean children have that knowledge forever. Rather than doing occasionally which can be confusing and difficult for children.

  2. Dividing

    Always, always ALWAYS teach the Dividing at the same time as the Times Tables. Table Fables teaches Dividing in a way that's incredibly easy for children to understand and reduces all stress associated with Dividing.

  3. Speed

    Each child will learn at their own speed but sites like Table Fables levels the playing field as children who find traditional rote learning hard find the animations incredibly easy to remember and recall.

  4. Accuracy and Speed

    Make sure you help your child work on their recall speed and accuracy. Again Table Fables has great multiplication games and worksheets that will increase their speed and accuracy.

  5. Fun

    Times Tables and Dividing need not reduce your child to tears. There are loads of games, worksheets, and websites that means this early Times Table introduction to maths can be fun.


Research suggests that girls although good at maths get more anxious than boys in exams. These nerves and anxious thoughts can be significantly reduced if they know their Times Tables off by heart so girls never develop any insecurities about their maths skills.


All children like learning through comedy stories which is why Table Fables has been incredibly successful in making sure children know their Times Table knowledge permanently.

Try the 7 day free Table Fables trial - it's the best introduction to Times Tables your child will ever have.

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