Times Table Games

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Times Tables Games

Games are the best way to teach anything and everything! Consolidating your multiplications through Times Tables games is a great way to make the answers stick and test your knowledge. Numerous scientific studies have shown that learning through playing games and laughing decreases our stress hormone levels, making it easier to recall facts.

“It's simple: the less stress you have, the better your memory” Dr Berk University of California.

“Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, involve me and I LEARN” - Benjamin Franklin

How can my child play Times Tables games if we haven't yet learned their Times Tables?

Unlike other websites that only test children, Table Fables actually teaches them their multiplications through funny stories and animations. With Table Fables, instead of having to remember numbers children have to remember comedic characters. Two Table Fables characters interact to create hilarious stories which reveal the Times Table answer, it's so simple yet so effective (remember the scientific evidence, if your children are laughing the information will go in faster and stay in longer).

To really make sure it's really easy for children to remember, each Table Fables character has their own unique personality which creates a very helpful memory trigger for your child.

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Once you have learned your Tables on Table Fables here are more Times Tables games that you can play to reinforce the answers and get that brain thinking quicker.


One of our favourites is a version of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Hopefully, you know the basic principles of the Rock, Paper, Scissors game. If not what planet have you landed from 😜!

The gist of this Times Table game is to throw out a certain number of fingers - rather than making the shape of a rock, paper or scissors. You might be thinking - how do I throw a 12? Keep your fist (like stone) and that equals 10, then add 1 or 2 fingers to represent 11 or 12. Simples! ;)

You'll be surprised how competitive this Times Table game gets.

TIMES TABLES GAME #2 : Snakes and Giraffes

Print out this game and use coins for markers. Follow the instructions on the game and the first one to the end wins. It can be fun to create some kind of prize for the winner or booby prize for the loser.

“Winner gets an extra scoop of ice-cream tonight”

“Loser has to do dance around the table like an octopus missing all its legs.”


We have a great Times Table game on our Table Fables site called PAIRS where you take it in turns to match the Times Table question with the answer. This is an awesome memory game, which also practices your Times Tables.

  1. Take it, in turn, to click on two cards. If the cards match a smiley face will appear.
  2. If you get a smiley face you get an extra turn to click on two more cards.
  3. The winner is the person who collects the most smiley faces.
  4. Hint - don't keep turning over the same card + try and remember where everything is!

WARNING PARENTS: children are way better at this game than us but it's a great brain exerciser for the older crew!


Play with a normal deck of playing cards.

Ace = 1

K, Q, J = 12

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