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Times Table games are a wonderful way for children to learn their Times Tables and reduce any stress or anxiety associated with learning the large volume of numbers in the Times Tables grid.

Teaching children their multiplications can be an annoying and painful chore but if you build Times Table games into the process it is suddenly transformed from a tedious to joyous activity.

Print the Times Table Grid here

The Table Fables method uses games to help children learn and practice the multiplication facts, from fun worksheets to matching pairs to bingo. Table Fables Times Table games will make sure they are nagging you to learn rather than the other way round.

“Humor activates the brain's dopamine reward system, stimulating goal-oriented motivation and long-term memory, which means that humor can improve retention in students of all ages.” Sarah Henderson Edutopia

When I was teaching my son Jago his Multiplications he hated learning because to him they were so boring and abstract. However, as soon as I turned the Times Tables into a game and invented comedy stories and characters he instantly learned them. This was when Table Fables was born and it has helped countless children begin their maths journey. All children love games and stories and so why wouldn't you use them to teach?

Table Fables Times Table Grid Games

Times Table grid: Game 1 - Animation :

Table Fables animated stories teach the children how to remember their Times Tables. They are then tested using fun characters.

Times Table grid: Game 2 - 17 Day Challenge :

Table Fables 17 Day challenge - ALL children win REAL money $$££ when they complete our 17-day challenge.

Times Table grid: Game 3 - VIP Area :

Table Fables VIP area - children can win monthly prizes in our VIP area, these prizes are sent out in the post which children love receiving.

Times Table grid: Game 4 - Shop

Table Fables shop - every time children complete a Times Table or Dividing sum they earn Table Fables $$$ which can be spent in the Table Fables shop, which they find incredibly rewarding.

Times Table grid: Game 5 - Pairs

Table Fables Matching pairs games - children play by themselves or against a parent, teacher, sibling or friend. They have to find two matching Times Table cards, which they are much better at than adults as our brains are rather old and distracted, so they love beating us fair and square.

Times Table grid: Game 6 - Bingo

Table Fables Bingo - the whole family or class can play Times Table bingo together. Children love remembering the Table Fables stories and completing their bingo sheets. A surprising quiet game (children have to concentrate lots) with lots of tension and thrills.

Times Table grid: Game 7 - Quiz

Table Fables 50 Times Table quiz - children can record their times and improve their speed and scores which in turn could win them a VIP monthly prize.

Times Table grid: Game 8 - Worksheets

Worksheets - easy, fun, colourful worksheets for children to complete with the help of the Table Fables characters.

Times Table grid games are a brilliant way to increase retention of knowledge while having lots of fun along the way. Enjoy.

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