Times Table Rockstars & Table Fables help kids memorise accurately.

By: TableFables

Table Fables is the NEW alternative to Times Table Rockstars.

Websites like Table Fables and Times Table Rockstars exist because we want to help your children learn multiplication and division, in order to form a strong basis for their future maths learning and develop mathematical confidence and capability in all areas of life. Maths skills have been proven to be crucial for personal and professional development in children.

Times Table Rockstars launched in 2010 and although it's been effective, we thought we could do something better and that is why we launched Table Fables. Times Table Rockstars was founded by a teacher, and as parents we felt we had a better understanding of what our children need at home in order to nail the times tables. It is our responsibility as parents to ensure our children learn their times tables at home, as in the majority of schools children are tested on times table recall weekly or monthly, but not many schools actually TEACH children how to memorise their times table.

Some children enjoy learning with Times Table Rockstars. ALL children enjoy learning with Table Fables. We have devised a revolutionary way of learning through utilising two things kids like the most: funny stories and animation. Times Table Rockstars and every other website we have tried and tested works by learning through repeated failure, which can be very damaging for a child's mathematical confidence.

We've yet to encounter one child who hasn't preferred Table Fables to Times Table Rockstars. We are proud of our unique method, which is based on the renowned and scientifically proven peg system of memory. Each number is represented by a humanised character, and the characters interact with each other in a funny story to reveal the times table answers. Children aren't only in fits of laughter when using Table Fables, they find it incredibly easy to remember their times table thanks to the incredible retention levels in our technique.

When it comes to learning times tables, both accuracy and speed are important. Times Table Rockstars and Table Fables have been created for children to memorise their times tables accurately and quickly. These are measurements of success because the quicker and easier children can remember the answers, the easier it is for them to progress into solving harder calculations. A solid understanding in maths equips your child with the confidence they need to succeed.

Table Fables is the first of its kind and a must have for anyone who is learning their times tables for the first time or struggling to memorise them. Built from the humble beginnings of a Mum trying to help her kids learn their times tables in a FUN and EFFECTIVE way, we offer a unique interactive 17-day challenge for kids.

We guarantee they'll love completing it, and you'll love how much they love it. Check out Table Fables and watch your children's faces light up as they do their maths homework.

All families who sign up to subscription are also able to win CASH PRIZE REWARDS.

We offer a free 7 day trial to everyone. Try Table Fables Today

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