Times Table Songs

By: TableFables

Times Tables songs seem like a good idea but for the majority of children they can be incredibly frustrating and children still, get the answer wrong! You may think they'll turn into maths rock stars but sadly that's not the case.

See below for amazing visual learning website Table Fables which suits all children.

Here's why we believe Times Table Songs aren't appropriate for the majority of children.

  1. TIMES TABLE SONGS relies on a GOOD MEMORY FOR MUSIC. Your child needs to be keen on singing and have a knack for remembering lyrics well. If you get the Times Table song wrong - you get the answer wrong. Even Beyonce may struggle with remembering 144 song lyrics.

  2. TIMES TABLE SONGS rely heavily on auditory memory - a lot like rote learning but with some notes thrown in. Not all kids learn well with their ears.

  3. TIMES TABLE SONGS relies on REPETITION, REPETITION, REPETITION! The repetition can drive you bananas! The song needs to be heard hundreds of times for the information to go in!

  4. THE WHOLE SONG needs to be sung to find out the answer to 9 x 12. Times Table Songs do not teach your child the Multiplication answer out of sequence.

  5. DIVIDING is essential for more complex maths and Times Table songs do NOT teach children their Dividing.

  6. TIMES TABLE SONGS are NOT AGE APPROPRIATE FOR ALL. Times Table songs are produced for young learners so not as efficient at teaching older children.

“It has been said that 80% of what people learn is visual ” - Allan Klein

If you watch a music video once you will easily recall the images in the video but can you remember the lyrics??

So if everyone is actually a visual learner, why not use visuals to teach?? Table Fables teaches using comedy cartoons and competitions and can teach children all their Times Tables and Dividing in only 17 days!!

Do try Times Table Songs but when that fails come over to Table Fables and watch your child laugh, learn and win money once they complete the Table Fables 17-day challenge.

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