Times Table Worksheets

By: TableFables

Before printing off the below Times Table Worksheets look at our website Table Fables which teaches children their Times Tables using hilarious animation.

Times Table Chart

Table Fables is an incredibly simple concept to help your child remember their Times Tables using characters rather than numbers to reduce math anxiety and stress. The two characters interact in a comedic/disastrous story which reveals the answer making it incredibly easy for children to remember their Times Table and Dividing.

Once they are familiar with the stories and characters on Table Fables print of the below Times Table Worksheets and see how fast they complete them. Even children who normally struggle with their Times Tables find this method incredibly simple.

Table Fables removes all maths anxiety, stress and worry.

Have a look at Times Table Games for more ideas on how to make learning Times Tables fun.

There are also Dividing Worksheets and Bingo Worksheets

Try Table Fables 7-day free trial and watch your child laugh and learn.

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