Table Fables guide to raising a well rounded child - the fun way.

By: TableFables

We're all wearing many hats at the moment. Parent, Chef, Cleaner, Homeschooler, Magician!

Along with trying to maintain a semblance of normality and perhaps even attempting to juggle a job or run a business on the side too. It's exhausting, we know.

While we spend most of our days at home, we thought we'd share our go-to digital resources to keep the kids stimulated and keep you sane.

Ages 10+

table fables

Table Fables

If children are struggling with times tables, Table Fables takes away the pain associated with learning them. We turn frustration into laughter and joy as multiplication is quickly mastered. It can be difficult to motivate the kids sometimes, but thanks to our reward scheme, children are eager to persevere and complete the 17 day challenge without any parental persuasion.



TED is the crème de la crème when it comes to insightful and inspirational talks. TED Ed is their child-friendly site, home to engaging animations that cover every subject from the everyday essentials to the completely obscure. The toggle tools are user friendly - you can search based on themes, school subject or age.


Escape Kit

While you can't escape the confines of your own home, you can transform your living room into an adventure playground with these well thought out escape kits. All you have to do is choose your kit, download, print and you're good to go. From £17.


Planet Bofa

Planet Bofa caters to all ages and stages, and it is a widely utilised resource in the best private schools. They use a three tiered approach, with an initial test to assess knowledge, then tailored teaching and further practice, with a third retest at a later date.



Your child can practise the language they learn at school, or why not choose a new one to learn together as a family on this brilliant website, which has an app version for iPads and phones. We warn you - this can get pretty addictive for adults too!


Siemens DIY Science

Turn the kitchen into a lab with Siemens DIY experiments; from a fireproof balloon to a crisp catapult. There's also interactive games geared towards STEM education, including designing your own roller coaster and Energy Island.

dance tutorials

Dance Tutorials with Matt Steffanina

Matt teaches hip hop and pop dance routines that aren't crazy complicated, typically lasting around 20 minutes. Your kid can learn the moves to catchy tunes they probably already know and love. There's something for everyone!


Cook with Theo

Tune in with Theo Michaels and his three kids for a Live cookalong. Available on his Instagram page every Mon, Wed and Fri at 4pm. The ingredients lists are posted in advance and you can catch up on the sessions you miss on his 'IGTV' page.

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