Table Fables FAQ's

By: TableFables

Can my child really learn all their times tables and dividing in 17 days?

A : YES. We take them through a 17 day program which makes sure they learn a different times table and dividing each day. Once they compete the 17 day challenge we send them money.

Why would I take out a 6 month or year subscription?

We recommend 6 month or years subscription so children have time to cement their maths knowledge and achieve faster recall which is essential to do well in exams.

What happens in the VIP area?

A: Children win prizes by competing against each other to see who has practiced the most that month.

Do I need to take out 2 subscriptions for siblings?

A: Siblings can join for a small additional fee so only one subscription needed.

Why is Table Fables better than other websites?

A: Table Fables works more effectively than other websites as based on the mnemonic peg system of memory which uses images and stories to in bed knowledge. Children find it incredibly easy to recall stories rather than numbers or lyrics.

What happens if my child has any difficulties?

A: E-mail the team on and we will organise a free personal tutorial to sort out any problems.

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