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"I must say Table Fables has been brilliant! My daughter has learnt her tables up to 12 and it has been effortless, for both of us!!"
Marvi Karim Salehjee


TABLE FABLES are fun memorable short stories that teach children the times tables by giving them a hook to remember the answers. Children remember the numbers by recalling the funny story. Our mantra is LEARN FUNNY.


The technique is based on the peg memory system, which gives children the ability to remember the numerical position of items on a list, in or out of sequence. The peg system has been proven to be one of the most effective memory aids used to date. Each number, from 1 to 12, is represented by a character. Two characters (e.g. 8 Snowman & 3 mouse) interact to create a funny, short story, which reveals the answer.



As of 3 January 2016 the UK government announced every pupil will be expected to know their times tables up to 12 x12 by the time they reach the end of primary school. Under the new measure, all children will have their multiplication skills checked at the age of 11 as part of the government commitment to give children an excellent education. Our aim is to establish strong links with schools and build a relationship which encourages the use of TABLE FABLES so leaning becomes fun.


At Table Fables we believe no child should be left behind and that is why no matter how your child loves to learn - Table Fables will teach. Watch your child soar in the classroom with their learning and confidence.


"TABLE FABLES has increased the confidence of so many the children in my Year 3 class. It's been amazing to watch the children progress with their times tables with regular TABLE FABLES sessions. My students are now more able to solve 12 time table questions than most adults and I completely attribute this to TABLE FABLES! The stories and characters captured their imaginations and the sessions were well organised and managed. It was a treat to participate in TABLE FABLES sessions and I would whole heartedly recommend the program for any school."
Haley Enns - Primary School Teacher.

"Tilly loved her session so much she keeps asking if she can do more. Clearly the system is fun, effective and efficient and for Tilly, who knew no times tables before her TABLE FABLES sessions, it has been nothing short of miraculous. I wish this system had existed when my sons were learning their times tables and avoided a year of boring flash cards. Thank you so much TABLE FABLES!"
Alison Neale - Lawyer


Rebecca is an award winning documentary Producer / Director. Her programmes demonstrate a flair for captivating story telling and finding unique angles in unexpected places. She has three children and has been developing Table Fables for the last few years, although her research has been conducted over a life time of believing that it is beneficial to everyone to make a game out of anything.

Marni, from horse husbandry to teaching to graphic / web design and life coaching it is safe to say Marni is amazing at everything she does. After working with M&C Saatchi and RED, where she honed her graphic and web designer skills, she joined the TABLE FABLES project and made it shine! TABLE FABLES has become her new found passion and joy as it helps kids from all over the world build their confidence in Maths.

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